(20-03-1897 to 21-08-1978)</

Our inspiration Mahashay Mangat Ram ji was a great Freedom Fighter who took part in the Freedom struggle (i.e. Quit India Movement, Non- Cooperation Movement, Personal Satyagrah etc). 

He went to jail a number of times for many years. Besides a freedom fighter, he was a great social worker as well. Though he worked very hard in all spheres of life but he played major role in the field of education. Due to the non- availability of education , the people were retrograde but Mahashay Ji inspired them to get the education and provided the Ray of Light. 

He even made the people aware about the future generation and not to let them into the darkness. He made the arrangements to set up the day and night schools at ‘Chaupal in many villages, and did the campaigning himself. He even worked hard to make those temporary schools regularized by the Government. Only because of his efforts the education is being provided in a proper way.