" To nurture as the foundation for independent thinking. "

Primary School (Nursery to Class II)

At the Pre-Primary and early Primary years, the objective is to facilitate the learners by creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for them.

At this level the pedagogy is child centred by using numerous methods and teaching aids specially storytelling, flashcard, audio visual aid. The main focus is to involve the kids in the teaching learning process.

Primary School (Class III to Grade V)

The Primary school aims to inculcate the knowledge of the students in various subjects.

At this Level the emphasis is given on reading and writing including Maths, EVS, Art & Craft, Computer Science and Physical Education. The teaching is totally based on learning by doing and activity based.

The Middle Section (Grade VI to VIII) 

At the middle section, the objective is to transforming what students already know into a fascinating adventure of discovery, so arousing a student's hidden interest and improving research, expression, presenting, and application skills. Students learn to collaborate and share their perspectives.

The importance of speaking English is emphasised. Students were encouraged to think outside the box and develop their creative abilities through activities aimed at improving their oratory skills.

Senior Section (Grade IX to XII)

At the Senior section level, Students are not only given a wide range of disciplines to choose from, but they are also encouraged to explore and experience several industries before deciding on a professional path.

The goal is to gain information while simultaneously emerging as a person with a confident attitude and attitude that reflects a favorable social bearing.