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Shri. Sukhbir Mahashay
- Founder

“ Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, and knowledge makes you great. ” – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Knowledge is information, skills and awareness which is gained through experience and education. Knowledge is important in every aspect of life. It is the most powerful weapon in the world. It cannot be purchased; it is to be attained. A tiger is strong physically but man is more powerful with his mental ability and ideas. Physical strength is important but with our mental strength we get a better understanding of how to use it effectively.
Knowledge helps us to convert our ideas into action. Knowledge is the real power humans are gifted with that separates them from animals. Humans can gain, learn, understand, analyse, experiment, research, perform, share and multiply their skills and knowledge. The more understanding they gain the more power, ability and authority they obtain.

Mahashay Mangat Ram ji, in his days of fighting for the freedom of the country, understood the power of knowledge. He envisaged the importance of knowledge for the development of individuals and country as a whole. Mahashay Mangat Ram Trust Society provides a suitable platform in Gyan Kunj Public School to attain the most important tool, KNOWLEDGE.

The school not only provide academic knowledge but emphasises on all round development (social, moral and cultural). We assure you that with your co-operation, we will achieve the vision of Mahashay ji.

Mrs. Anita Ahooja
- Manager

The aim of Education is to produce the complete man . The complete man is one who possesses a specialised knowledge of living along with an awareness of human obligation . True Education should aim at not only imparting academic growth of the child but also its Physical , Mental , intellectual and spiritual growth . So that they may become good and responsible citizen of tomorrow . We are providing value – based education to our students at a very nominal rate , which is within the reach of the common man . 

Our Children are the future hope of our Nation . We invest all our aspirations , hopes and love to them to make their lives sublime . But still they need our attention , care and time . The responsibility of developing them into a complete man lies on us – both the teachers in school and parents at home . As such we must always be ready for it because or attitude and actions leave an indelible mark on the children throughout their lives . As such I am individuals of the future . The school has highly qualified and dedicated teaching faculty . Which helps the students in and outside the class room . We have introduced special period for English Conversation to improve the level of spoken English of the students . Weak students are looked after separately by teachers and their performance is closely watched . 

In view of the above , I hope that the parents of this area will co – operate with us and send their children to this school to improve their standard to make them a complete man of the future .